Kett Applications and Testimonials


With over 60 years of experience and 200+ instruments, we have a vast array of standard and unique measurement applications we’ve implemented for customers.  Please contact our office to discuss your application and if we’ve successfully completed a similar project we’ll be happy to provide available details and one of our no-risk performance guarantees.



Our customers are the best source of confirmation of our company’s philosophy and performance.  Here is what a couple of them have to say.

 Durability – VP Manufacturing
“We use the heck out of it!”

Reliability – Director of Engineering and Corporate Projects
“I was in the paper industry for years and never had a moisture meter online we could depend on.”   ” I was very skeptical when xxx on my staff told me he wanted to install your KJT30.  However, it has worked for years now with no problems whatsoever.  Feel free to use me as a reference.”

Knowledge and Total Care Solution – Senior Process Engineer
“XXX” at Kett knows more about moisture measurement and moisture control than anyone on the East Coast.  I’ve talked to them all and he’s the only one that says what they (Kett) can do and then does it.”

Accuracy and Ease of Use – Plant Manager
“We’ve felt that it’s useful, easy to use and will ultimately be very helpful.

Return on Investment – Senior Consultant – Process Controls
“Now that we know what was going on, combined with the dryer improvement project, we are able to produce the same quantity of in-spec product on one dryer versus previously having to use three dryers.”