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“It’s a wonderful machine.   I’m glad I went with you!.”
BW – Starch Company – C130

C130 Powder Whiteness Meter -"Wonderful"

“I swear it only too me 5 minutes to calibrate the instrument (KJT130) and get it out to the plant”
RG – WW Food company – KJT130

Ease of Calibration - KJT130 Portable Instant Moisture Meter

“The 230 is working very well. I have found it easy to work with, and I’ve been able to build calibration curves that on average match our Karl Fischer results”

Regarding the advanced desktop moisture analyzer (KJT230)

BM- Custom-Made Diagnostic Producer


The tester is working very well. It is very popular with the operators and they get to spend more time on the machines instead of running back and forth to a very expensive “xxx” that, in terms of precision, doesn’t perform as well as the Heidon. We plan to purchase three more. (DR – QA Consulting Engineer)

H94 Portable Friction Tester - Better results than expensive desktop competitor

“I had the KJT270,  and the KJT130 when I was @xxx (pharmaceutical company).  I was impressed, it work really well on our pharmaceutical products.  I’m recommending that we get them here because they are so good and simplify our testing.”
SC – Pharmaceutical Company

Kett NIR Analyzers - This will be the second company where I purchase them.

“This company has plans to buy lot of rice. If I continue to work with them, I will try to recommend Kett  moisture meters because I like them most.”
Dr. RV – Rice Consultant – Kett Rice Testing Instruments

Kett Rice testers - "I like them most"

“I contacted a couple companies about this application.  In one of your competitors, the sales manager didn’t even know they had the capability to do this type of test.  My view is that Kett, by far, has the best upfront technical support and solution.

I like talking with you as you get me quick, concise, accurate answers.  With the others, they contradict themselves and don’t seem to understand what’s going on.

It’s refreshing – you understand the technology and solution as well as the drawbacks and limitations.”

JB – Energy Processing Company

Kett support and solution is the best!

“We’ve used it just like an online system for 10 years.  It’s been a super instrument!”
EJ – Tape manufacturer – KJT130

KJT130 - Used for 10 years just like an online system

“the results were amazing” AW – Pharmaceutical Company Scientist (KJT130)

KJT130 Handheld Moisture Meter - "Results are amazing"

We’ve had great success with the analyzer and it has provided us with invaluable information over the years. Please use me as a reference. (KB – Paper company)

KJT130 Instant Moisture Meter - Portable - "invaluable information, great value"